Alice with Julius.


Alice's Comedies


High Council of Heroes


Inactive (the High Council gave up with her), may be dead or prisoner of the Blotlings.

Alice is a human from the Eddie Valiant world who lived a long time in the C.C.C. world and currently resides in the Wasteland

Description and biographyEdit

At the beginning of the contemporary era of the Disney War (the contemporary era corresponds to the XXth and XXIst centuries of our Earth), the High Council took notice of a young girl who was interested by Walt Disney's cartoon studio. Immediately thinking that she could be a predestinated hero, they asked an agent from the C.C.C. world, Julius the Cat, to protect her. The Friends sent Peg Leg Pete to fight her, of which Julius successfully protected her, but she started to lose her heroic abilities and her kindess as she grew old, and she was sent back to her homeworld where she lived until all her family was dead, at which point nobody remembered her anymore. She asked Yen Sid for going to the Wasteland , and the wizard agreed and opened the gate to the could-have-been heroes. As far as one can tell, she's still there, but as for Julius, nobody heard of her since a very long time, and some rumors have her being prisoner of the Blotlings

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Other than a great kindness of heart and a quite important intelligence, Alice had no other special abilities than being quite good at shooting. 

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