The demonic crocodiles at work

Real Name

Unknown, although what is sure is that they are actually devils instead of natural reptiles.


The Other Side


Friends on the Other Side


Inactive (Reverted back to their Devil forms and returned to the Other Side)

The Australian Crocodiles are a little distinct group among the many minor devils affiliated to the Friends.

Biography and descriptionEdit

There is a good reason why these australian crocodiles look nothing like the "real" crocodiles who served as Madame Medusa's pets. They weren't real crocodiles, but instead manifestations of the Friends' menacing presence all over Bernard and Bianca's australian adventure.

Even if they were slightly interested in Percival McLeach's main plan (to kill Marahute the Golden Eagle), the main interest they had in helping him was that they thought that killing a young boy would lure the two mice that were their main enemies in the Rescuers world into coming around McLeach, and that it would then be easy for them to ask McLeach to kill the two in exchange of help for catching Marahute. For this twisted plan to work, they needed a real danger in which McLeach could put Cody, and for that they sent him some of their minions under the form of demonic, red-eyed crocodiles. 

After McLeach's defeat, the crocodiles were reverted to their former, imp form and regained the Other Side. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The minor devils who became the Australian Crocodiles had the very peculiar power of traveling outside the Other Side. However, there was a condition to it. They could not use their dark magic powers; all they could was taking the appearance of a normal animal of the world the entered him, and rely on this animals' normal abilities. Crocodiles was then a very careful choice made by Chernabog among the large australian game; of all the predators, they were the most intimidating one, the biggest, and the only ones able to act in two different places: water and dry land. 

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