Ayam Aghoul
Ayam Aghoul as an undead.

Other Names

Duke of the Undead




Friends on the Other Side


Dead, though active as a ghost in his dimension's Limbo.

Ayam Aghoul is (or was, technically) a sorcerer from the Aladdin world.

Description and biographyEdit

In life, Ayam Aghoul was a powerful client of the Friends, and he quickly paid off his debt to them. When he eventually died, the fact that neither the High Council or the Friends would want his soul banished him to his dimension's Limbo, where he proclaimed himself Duke of the Undead and went on with his nefarious activities, until he was trapped in a magic necklace by the Sorceress. After he was accidentally freed by Aladdin and his friends, Aghoul found himself still trapped in limbo, and the now revengeful sorcerer wanted to relive more than ever. Since then, he kept trying to escape Limbo, without much success, despite the Friends' help in constantly providing him with new spells.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ayam Aghoul's gigantic powers were retooled when he was sucked into Limbo; they all became more death-oriented (such as explosive skulls or the ability to summon undead skeletons as minions). He is also able to transform himself into a whirlwind of destruction or open the Ocean in half, Moses-style.

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