The Backson

At one point, Chernabog discovered the Hundred Acre Wood and declared that such a pure place had to go. Although he sent many minions to destroy this land, none had succeeded in corrupting the world. In one last attempt Chernabog sent one of his most powerful Archfiends, which the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood dubbed "The Backson". Much to everyone's surprise, however, the Hundred Acre Wood turned out to be filled with so much cleansing good magic that it completely purified the Backson's soul, making it just as friendly and gentle as the other inhabitants. Once he saw that the once mighty monster had become so innocent that it had managed to trap itself in a pit made by Pooh and friends, Chernabog abandoned the Backson and decided that destroying the Hundred Acre Wood was not worth the trouble of losing so many of his warriors to Zeus.

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