Banshee masked

The Banshee

A fair-folk from the court of Oberon, she was one of the few members who willingly allied herself with the Friends as first an Associate, then a Class 2 Agent, due to her dark immortal heart. Her way of collecting souls is to wear a green shroud, moan for the dead of Ireland, and summon the Death Coach to take away the dead souls to the Friends. The Banshee soon met her end at the hands of Cu Cuchalain and Bronx during the Avalon World Tour Arc. However, centuries before her final defeat, the Banshee had almost once captured an old Irish farmer, named Darby O' Gill, before losing him to his making the fourth wish with her cousin, the king of leprechauns. The Banshee currently resides at the Haunted Mansion where her moaning constantly wails throughout the corridors of the manor.

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