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Belobog, also known as the Emperor Beyond the Sea, The White God is a very powerful god.

Description and biographyEdit


The imp creatures that Belobog and Chernabog evolved from.

When the Underworld was still inhabited by a race of devils led by the cruel but not omnicidal Satan, it was not really an assembly of incarnations of evil, but simply a people of fantasy creatures with minor control of magical powers, that happened to be evil in inclination. This is important, because this means not all of the imps had to be evil. Chernabog himself, before he killed Satan, usurped the throne and harvested tremendous amounts of magic to make himself into the Black God he is now, was not, actually, evil. He and his brother Belobog were lowly imps serving Satan, not quite heroes, but not especially vicious either.

When Chernabog revolted against his master when Satan attempted to feed him to Cerberus, and, mad with power, became the god of evil we know now, the more virtous Belobog saw that life in the Underworld could only lead to corruption. He thus fled this world, travelling throughout the Multiverse, gaining in knowledge and power. For all his power, Belobog was still born mortal, and is slowly dying in spite of all his efforts; except when his wisdom and power are absolutley essential, he only acts as an advisor, remaining dormant the rest of the time. He has notably inspired Zeus to found the High Council, and is considered the leader of the Council, even if in practice it is run by Zeus, Yen Sid and Mickey Mouse.

Contrary to popular belief, Belobog isn't the Abrahamic God, whose existence in the Disney Multiverse is believed in by some, but unproven.

See alsoEdit

  • Musings of Belobog, a recording of Belobog's thoughts just after founding the High Council.
  • Belobog IS the father of Aslan

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