• Fatcats19

    Needing a wordmark

    March 1, 2016 by Fatcats19

    Hi there!

    I have just noticed that this wiki is in need of a wordmark. Can we have one?

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  • Scrooge MacDuck


    As I already told most of you on your privates discussion pages, I noticed that the wiki had no administrator and would send a request to adopt it. However, officially, I need your agreeing, and I post the official asking here; if you're for or against, please answer by commenting this user blog. 

    I recall you that I created a lot of stuffs here, such as (my biggest contribution to this day) a majority of the "world" pages,  the concepts of Travelers and Shady Sides… 

    Other than your agreement, I fill all the criteria needed to send a request. So pleeeaaaase ! (If another one of you would like to adopt the wiki, could he post this here in comment too ?). 

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