Chernabog KH3D
This Chernabog is a less-powerful counterpart of Chernabog in the KH universe.


This alternate Chernabog's powers strongly resembles the orignal's, but he is a bit weaker, as he can be defeated by a small group of hereos (which it is very unlikely the real Chernabog could be). 

Description and biographyEdit

He is overshadowed by other dark forces, despite being the absolute embodiment of darkness itself. Having engineered the Keyblade War in ancient times, the massive war for the X-Blade ended up sending Bald Mountain all the way into the Realm of Darkness, with the remnants of worlds destroyed by the Heartless building up around it. However, this was at the cost of limiting his power to hard boss levels and even moreso then his mainstream counterpart, stays entirely behind the scenes. Directing his counterpart to Xehanort, he kept to the darkness and built up his army for the assault on the World of Light, before eventually falling to the power of the Keyblade. It seems that Chernabog of the main universe has managed to resurrect his Kingdom Hearts counterpart after some difficulty, and now the KH Chernabog is looking for a rematch with Sora. Unfortunately, the KH Chernabog was not resurrected up to full strength, and was easily repelled by Riku back into the Other Side.

His prior backstory was in fact different from the primary Chernabog. He kept the name Tcherno until the true Chernabog arrived to the KH universe, and had rebelled with a much smaller force, yet won.

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