Chernabog the Lesser

Chernabog the Lesser

Chernabog the Lesser (aka Chernabog the Least or Chernabog III) is a cowardly doppelganger of Chernabog.

Powers and personalityEdit

Despite willingly appearing as weak and coward in the House of Mouse, Chernabog the Lesser eventually revealed his true self in Mickey's House of Villains during the Friends' attempt to take over the House of Mouse: despite still not being as powerful as the real Chernabog, he is fully evil and has a great physical strenght.


Chernabog the Lesser's origins are unclear. It has been guessed that he could be Chernabog's Kingdom Hearts counterpart, Chernabog's twinbrother or a copy of himself created willingly by the original Chernabog. Chernabog the Lesser serves as his brother's spy in the House of Mouse (attempting to get info on the Council and its agents and perhaps their weaknesses) and acting cowardly to lure people into a false sense of security… Apparently, the fact that he's always lying