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This guy was father of Zeus and the Olympian gods, and a very powerful friend at that. Although he was able to kill off Oranos, father of Uranus, and take over his throne, he was just as bad as the last great god king. To keep his throne, Cronos swallowed Hades and the other olympians, but not Zeus due to Rhea replacing the baby with a stone instead. During the great war between Titans and Olympians, Zeus managed to defeat his father and throw him away into the Other Side, but in a different prison away from his brothers. But before his sealing away, Chronos was able to curse the stone he swallowed to cause any god to fall asleep forever whenever he or she would touch the stone or come into contact with it. Right now, Chernabog is still planning to try and release this almighty friend to gain an ally of sorts, since a Wasteland incarnation of Cronos was sealed away for his love of a woman.

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