There are those living mortals in the Disney multiverse for whom power is simply all that matters. Though some are willing to pay literally any price to achieve their aspirations and others are confident that they can avoid the price, what they all have in common is unchecked ambition and a complete lack of morals. Such individuals cut a deal with the devils; the mortal is endowed with dark magic and in exchange owes a debt to the Friends. This debt generally must be paid in fear energy or in souls collected for the Friends to harvest for fear energy (the latter option being the one most commonly chosen by clients). Sometimes, the Friends may allow other favors to count towards paying the debt instead, but only if the favors make it easier for other clients or the devils' agents or arch-demons to collect souls or fear energy (such as by killing divine agents). Many clients who want political power simply use the Facilier tactic.

Clients who pay back their debt without being exceptional in the eyes of the devils disapear from existence after death, just like any evil person who didn't make a deal with the devils. Those who demonstrated particular talent might be invited to join the Inner Circle or take another prominent position with the devils. If a client fails to pay back his/her debt before death, his or her soul ends up in the Underworld, where it is judged by Claude Frollo before being harvested for fear energy. In any case, clients are one of the most common ways the devils extend their reach across the Disney multiverse, and thus they frequently clash with agents of the gods.

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