Constance Hatchaway
Constance as a ghost.

Other Names



The Haunted Mansion ride


Independent (at first)
Friends on the Other Side (later)
Independent (currently)


Dead, although still active under the form of a ghost.

Constance Hatchaway was a human from the Gracey Manor world.

Description and biographyEdit

A simple human soul in a quite realistic (understand: looking quite like our world) world, Constance had no ties with the Friends… directly. She was evil in her own right, and her greatest default was being greedy and ambitious. As she was quite pretty, and as ruthless as one can be, she married a wealthy man, and soon murdered him, after having made sure that she was his sole heir. Then, seeing how her first crime "worked" and feeling no remorse whatsoever, she repeated the same operation four more times, becoming a very rich person. But then, being oneself an agent of Death doesn't allow one to avoid Death, and after a long and remorseless life, Constance Hatchaway died. Just like Claude Frollo, Constance, because of her unforgivable misdeeds, was taken away by the Friends on the Other Side to be tortured forever in the deepest corners of the Underworld. However, like the other damned souls, Constance had sometimes the occasion of coming out of the Underworld under the form of a ghost. During one of these semi "free times", she escaped and took refuge into the Haunted Mansion, which was precisely created to lodge ghosts. However, she has proven very turbulent, due to being a lot more evil than the other ghosts in the Mansion. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Since it was her main way for murdering her 5 husbands, Constance is very skilled at fighting with an axe. As a ghost, she is also very scary by herself, and simply seeing her can frighten and then weaken a lot of mortals. However, she makes no use of those abilities. 

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