Cronus and Rhea are the long since forgotten gods who gave birth to Zeus and Hades. Unde Cronus' rule, titans wreaked havoc on the Disney multiverse. Fearing that his sons might stage a coup, Cronus ate Hades and tried to eat Zeus as well, but Zeus' mother Rhea went into hiding with Zeus, raised him, and kept him safe.

Cronus finally found Rhea and tricked her into drinking a poition that turner her mortal, then murdered her. Zeus, who by that time had grown up, tricked his father into eating a stone, causing Cronus to vomit out both the stone and Hades. When Zeus imprisoned the titans and other devils on the Other Side, he reserved a seperate prison for Cronus so Cronus would always be alone as punishment for what he'd done, and Cronus has been in that prison ever since.

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