This rather intense one-time foe of Winnie the Pooh was one of the Arch-Demons, and a very slimy basturd at that too. No literally, he was made of pure slime and gunk. This is because he was created from a sneeze uttered by Chernabog, which was flung to the Hundred Acre Wood, all the way to Christopher Robin's house under the bed of his room. There, the inate evil of Chernabog's being mutated the mucus into becoming the all-powerful slime Arch Demon, Crud. Because he'd arrived before he became sentient, Crud was unaffected by the good magic that otherwise would have kept him out. His presence didn't eliminate that magic but weakened it enough for him to spread the seeds of darkness in the Hundred Acre Wood by summoning other villains to it, including the Heffalumps, Woozles, and Nasty Jack and the horse thieves. The aforementioned good magic prevents most of these other villains from being as evil as they might otherwise be, but it was still a major victory for the Friends. After that, Crud then gave life to a speck of dust to serve as his loyal servant and named it Smudge. Crud then absorbed all the gunk and junk swept under Christopher Robin's bed, creating a distorted pocket world dimension as a stronghold for the Friends, then kidnapped Christpher Robin to force him to help make the rest of the world equally messy. When the Pooh gang defeated the massive slime demon by sucking him into a vacuum cleaner, Chernabog reluctantly decided to recruit his former booger to the Friends. After some looks of disgust, the Big Bad of darkness found use in Crud's master planning and to this day, still keeps him around as his tactical advisor.

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