Crystal of the Magic Kingdom
Crystal of the Magic Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Magical
Effects Seal
Source The High Council
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The Crystal of the Magic Kingdom is a powerful artifact made by the High Council to seal away any evil threat to the Magic Kingdom.

History Edit

Concerned with the safety of the park guests at the Magic Kingdom, the members of the High Council combined their powers to create an object to protect the theme park. The result is an orb-like crystal imbued with the powers of its makers. Merlin was then entrusted with guarding the crystal from anyone willing to steal it.

Role in the Disney War Edit

When Hades was bored with his home in the Underworld, he decided to invade the Magic Kingdom and make it his summer home. He knew very well the crystal 's ability to seal away evil beings, so he sent Pain and Panic to steal the crystal. However, the two minions fumbled up in a fight with Merlin and accidentally broke the crystal, with four pieces scattered across the park

Hades then makes deals with various Disney villains, recruiting them to steal the crystal shards. Merlin then recruits park guests to help him get back the shards. Then, they battle each other to get the shards. At the end, the crystal is almost complete, just that Pain and Panic stole the final piece and brought it to the Underworld. There, the park guests battle Hades and the villains one last time before Merlin traps them in the crystal.

Peace was restored to the Magic Kingdom at last. The High Council has to keep watch on the crystal ever since that incident. The villains escaped the crystal some time later with Chernobog's help.

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