Dall is a shady side of Dallben, residing in the Wasteland.

Biography and descriptionEdit

Dall is the result of what Dallben would have become if he had not controlled his ambitions. Dall has no other goal than absolute power upon Prydain, and would do anything to achieve this goal… Including summon the power of the Black Cauldron ! But Dallben made the right choices, and this caused his alternate self to fall in Wasteland as a nearly powerless Shady Side. However, Dall remains as clever as his original character, and — despite fully aware of their existence — refuses to make deals with the Friends, perfectly knowing how dangerous and unreliable they can be to their own allies. Dall works for himself, and for nobody else. His real ambition was now to go back to the real world, catch Dallben, and steal his power. To execute this new scheme, he started a revolt among all the Shady Sides from the Prydain characters, inciting them to try to replace their real counterparts, putting Sir Taran (more or less Taran's Shady Side, despite having actually a different origin). However, he was eventually defeated by the real Taran.

Being a freelance who works for evil's sake but does not directly or indirectly associate with the Friends, he is quite an exception in the Disney multiverse.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Shady Side, Dall has nearly no power by himself. However, he has a great magic knowledge even if he isn't able to controll it by himself, and at least found a way to catapult shady sides out of the Wasteland, something which is normally totally impossible. 


  • This Dallben Shady Side comes from early drafts for The Black Cauldron in which Dallben was supposed to be th main villain. His name, like the general nomenclature Shady Side, comes from the Master Pencil fanfiction Donald Duck and the Black Cauldron.

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