Darkwing Duck
Darkwarrior Duck15
Let's get even more dangerous!

Real Name

Drake Mallard


Darkwing Duck


High Council of Heroes


Alive, working with High Council

Darkwarrior Duck is an alternate version of Darkwing Duck from an alternate dimension, and also what Darkwing could eventually become in the far future.

Biography and descriptionEdit

An evil version seems to be a valuable asset to the Friends. By controlling Darkwing in this timeline until he became their best villain in that world, they were able to gain the souls of those who were killed by Darkwarrior's "crime-bustings", which Darkwarrior didn't know were evil (the Friends had managed to make him believe that it was the "right thing to do"). In reaction to discovering this terrifing future, Gosalyn managed to stop this future from happening in the normal world. However, in an alternate version of her world, she had not managed to stop the Friends from corrupting Darkwing. This copy of Darkwarrior was eventually recruited by Magica De Spell to wreak havoc on the main St. Canard, only to be sent back to his home dimension in failure.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As he is basically Darkwing Duck with a few more years of age and a less polite behavior, his powers are very similar to Darkwing's. However, since he had more time to ameliorate himself, he has much more gadgets under his controll, and also is more muscular, allowing him to sometimes use his bare physical strenght to defeat his enemies. The Friends allowed the Darkwarrior Duck from the alternate dimension to use hypnotism, giving him glowing red eyes. 


  • Darkwarrior Duck is the third evil version of Darkwing Duck; prior to him were the First Negaduck and the Classical Negaduck
  • His concept is very similar to those of the Shady Sides, although not exactly the same (the Shady Sides are embodiments of what characters could have been, who come to existence by the magic of Yen Sid, while Darkwarrior Duck is an evil version of Darkwing Duck who is his future self in an alternate dimension). He then can't really be considered a Shady Side. 

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