"Democracy" the Witch
Witch (Education for Death)
Democracy at her fines… er, her worst.

Real Name

Unknown (but it's not "Democracy")


Mother Goose world


Friends on the Other Side



Democracy is a witch from the Mother Goose world.

History and descriptionEdit

The Mother Goose world is a strange world in that what is truth in it spontaneously sprouts as a fairy tale in other, more realistic worlds. During the forties, the Friends, eager to sustain Nazi propaganda in knowledge that them engaging in World War II would bring them many new souls, used a time traveling device to retcon the story of Sleeping Beauty[1] by replacing the Prince with an Adolph Hitler doppelgänger, Aurora with a fat lass by the name of Germany, and the Wicked With with one named Democracy. The plan was that this new version of the story would cause greater patriotism among the young German populations; however, due to the incompetence of both "Prince" Adolph and "Princess" Germany, the plan fell short.

"Democracy" the Witch, however, was not a creation of the Friends made to serve especially in the plan; she was simply that same old Wicked Witch that already caused mayhem in the original, non-retconned version of the tale. Since, as her name implies, she was already an agent of the Friends to begin with, it had been easy to get her to collaborate. When the Friends gave up with the plan and reverted the story to its original version, Democracy reverted back to her original unnamed counterpart.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The only ability "Democracy" clearly proved to possess is that of shooting bolts of electricity at her enemies. However, given that she is supposed to have acted the Sleeping Beauty at least broadstrokely, she is also probably able to curse people with eternal sleep and to create a forest of thorns, like Maleficent.


  1. The same strange phenomena that causes the truth of the Mother Goose world to become a fairy tale in other worlds made that another, totally independent version of the Sleepy Beauty tale arise in it, with no ties to the version of the 1958 movie.

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