The agents of the Devils are employed by the Devils themselves to spread evil throughout the multiverse. These agents are opposites to those that serve the High Council, often seeking to undermine their plans of good. Whether human, animal or supernatural being, they have to be dealt with very carefully.

There are three different types of agents. First-class agents are similar to the Devils in that they are creature born from evil powers, only that they are much less powerful and can leave the Other Side if they want. Second-class agents are evil humans and animals who willingly recruited themselves to the Devils for personal gain. They act as scouts, messengers and the like.

Clients who aren't worthy to enter the Inner Circle but performed well in their life can still be kept around, being resurrected as Third-class agents. They don't have the same powers as the Inner Circle, and exist at Chernobog's whim, but it is far more preferable to what happens to those who displease Chernobog...

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