Dr. Facilier

Doctor Facilier

Duh. But this allows us to make things more clearer. Facilier had potential, but he wasn't motivated enough. He simply wanted money and status, unlike other clients who wanted to take over the world and the like. Because of this, progress on delivering souls was slow. Combined with the fact that he wasn't careful enough and allowed everyone in New Orleans to become aware of his true intentions, he ended up being very inefficent, racking up a huge debt. He did have some degree of Genre Savvy, taking his power through physical object in vast quantities like his powder while only using enough not to rack up too great, and using his Affably Evil front to sooth in clients new to the city. When The Friends heard about his work with Naveen, they were irritated at first, but became delighted by the possibility of having hundreds of thousands of souls given to them through the collection of New Orleans after his ascension. However, when the talisman they provided him broke...

  • Though his soul collecting abilities were not up to snuff, Chernabog at least sees fit to keep Facilier around as an entertainer and showman as that was his absolute forte. He now helps put together some of the stunts that come with certain Villain Songs and takes a strong role in putting together evil parties. Other than that, Facilier also serves the role of a Dark Master agent.
  • However, there are rumors that persist that maybe Dr. Facilier was able to trick Chernabog into handing him all the powers of a god, transforming the witch doctor into the dark lord of chaos, Garland.
  • The frog hunters that once antagonized Tiana and Naveen were recruited by Facilier after his death to serve as his new loyal flunkies alongside Lawrence, who himself serves as the Inner Circle's valet/butler alongside Edgar.
  • It's interesting to note that the Friends took a much more "hands on" approach in helping Faciler then they did in helping most of these other villains.

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