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When the Friends discovered the second dimension in the Phineas and Ferb mulitverse, they decided to do an experiment with that dimension’s Doofenshmirz: To take away his toy train. It was a surprising success, and they gladly accepted Doofenshmirz-2 into their ranks. They gave him the Normbots as mooks and the Goozim for soul collecting. With them, Doof-2 managed to not only take over the Tri-State Area, but also managed to defeat that dimension’s Perry the Platypus. Unfortunately, thanks to the first dimension Doofenshmirz, Doof-2’s had undergone a Heel Face turn, rendering him useless to the Friends. This turn was not appreciated by the light, however, and he was jailed, perhaps for life. The Friends are considering to claim this version's soul after he dies...

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