Dr. Hamsterviel

Dr. Hamsterviel

This evil scientist/conquerer gained intimidance and all of his genius from the Friends in exchange for the souls of those who fall victim to his conquests. The Friends, however, decided to mess with Hamsterviel's mind, like they did with Ratigan, and made him think he was an alien hamster, instead of a gerbil. His minion, Leroy, a.k.a Experiment 629, was the soul of an evil agent of the Friends, given evil life by Jumbaa and the evil doctor. Eventually, Lilo and Stitch defeated Hamsterviel and re-recruited Reuben and Gantu to the High Council. At one point during Hamsterviel's attack on Kuaui, he teamed with Dr. Drakken and Shego thanks to subtle manipulations from the Friends.

  • In an alternate timeline where Stitch landed in Okinawa, Hamsterviel remains at large. Both versions are part of the Genetic Experiment Division

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