Ebenezer Scrooge
(C.C.C. world version)
Ebenezer Scrooge on the day before his final redemption

Other Names

Ezra Scrooge
Mr Scrooge
Uncle Scrooge
Ebenezer McDuck


Mickey's Christmas Carol


Independent (although used as a tool by the Friends) (at first)
High Council of Heroes (after his redemption)


Alive, working with the High Council

 Ebenezer Scrooge, who also goes by the name Ebenezer McDuck (McDuck being his mother's name), is an anthropomorphic duck from the Classical Cartoons and Comics world

Description and biographyEdit

Born in Scotland, Ebenezer was a kind, lonely and shy child, although he was as stingy as all the other McDucks of Scotland. In search of a better life, he moved to London, where he started to work for Mr. Fezziwig, a succesful and merry tea seller whose parties were known among London as the funniest and happiest in town. Fezziwig, actually, as an agent of the High Council, who had been assigned to make as many people as possible happy in London which wasn't a very merry town otherwise, thanks to the great amount of poverty in it. In Fezziwig's shop, Scrooge met Isabelle, his only true love.

Upon seeing this, the High Council stopped to closely watch the scottish duck's life, thinking that being happy at his job and having found true love, Ebenezer was definitely on their side. That was just the wrong thing to do, and because of his stinginess, Ebenezer Scrooge slowly slipped down into the opened claws of the Friends, who had been expecting that moment for years. Despite never actually revealing themselves to him, they subtly manipulated him in his dreams, pushing him always further on the path of greed and usurerness. He started to love his money more than his fiancée Isabelle, and eventually got rid of her for the sake of a few more pennies earned. 

The High Council discovered too late what had happened. In a rush, they sent a Mickey Mouse doppel, Bob Cratchit, to try to redeem him through a noble example, but it didn't turn out as expected, and they had to throw in three Christmas Ghosts to eventually put him back into the path of goodness. Ebenezer's embrace of his second chance impressed the forces of good, who approached him to become one of their ranks. Scrooge is mainly used to help those who have become selfish and embittered to see the light as an agent of redemption.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Scrooge doesn't really have any special powers beyond his great intelligence when it comes to financial business; for unknown reasons, his numerous common features with his far away cousin Scrooge McDuck don't include the ability to swim in money and that kind of thing. 


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