Emperor Palpatine

Darth Sidious - The Emperor Palpatine

Darth Sidious was easily the most powerful and dangerous of the clients the friends had before the High Council could enter the world. The ChessmasterEvil Mentor and a Complete Monster all rolled into one, Palpatine was contacted by Chernabog for a deal of galactic potential. Chernabog would give Sidious charisma greater than most any of his clients, and in turn, Chernabog demanded of him, "Give me an army worthy of my power, and destroy the Jedi Order!" As it turns out, Palpatine was a very powerful client of the Friends, as was Anakin after his Face-Heel Turn. The Death Star, armor changes for the clone troopers into Stormtroopers, thousands of battleships like Star Destroyers, and dark side powers were in fact deals made with the Friends for a large amount of souls, which he managed to pay with whole planets. After the emperor was slain by a repentant Anakin, so much use of his dark powers had practically mutated his soul into becoming a Eldritch Abomination Arch-Demon. Even today, Palpaltine is still an exceptional master of the Dark Side, using horrific attacks such as Force Lightning to lethal effectiveness against his opponents in battle.

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