Evil Buzz

Evil Buzz Lightyear

The Evil Buzz Lightyear, also known as Zurg Lightyear or Emperor Buzz, is an animated toy from the Pixar universe.

Biography and descriptionEdit

The Evil Buzz Lightyear is the result of a mistake of the machine which was manufacturing the toys from the "Buzz Lightyear" fictional franchise. The machine mistakenly mixed features from the "Emperor Zurg" and the "Buzz Lightyear" heroes, creating the mutating toy Evil Buzz Lightyear, also known as Zurg Lightyear or Imperor Buzz. Soon understanding that he was a toy, and that he was a mistake, he thought that he would ineluctably be destroyed if he was discovered by humans, and escaped. Despite being fully conscious of being a toy based on a fictional character, he had still something of his two original characters in him: Zurg's willing of conquering the World, and Buzz's temerity. With this goal in mind, he started a toy revolt, trying to destroy human kind and rule Earth and beyond…

And what better recruit to the cause of the Friends then an incredibly evil and sinister counterpart to one of the High Council's finest soldiers? His successful conquest of his own universe gave him enough clout with the Friends to give him a near-invulnerability that has allowed him to survive anything.

His conquests and crimes didn't go unnoticed in his universe though, and he was eventually included in the in-universe Buzz Lightyear TVserie on which the toys were based to begin with. Sadly, Zurg Lightyear is unaware of that. But the High Council sincerly hope that if he learns it, he will lose his fear of being destroyed as a "mistake" and turn friendly. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Due to being an amalgam of Zurg and Buzz, he has powers from both: he has retractable wings, and also rockets under his boots and a laser. Of course, at the beginning, these were only gadgets, like on any toy, but when he made deal with the Friends, they allowed him to really use these powers. 

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