Sorceror Mickey Concept Art 38
Evil Yensid, or Yensid for short, is a Shady Side of Yen Sid residing in the Wasteland.

Biography and descriptionEdit

Yensid is what Yen Sid would have ended being if he had made deals with the Friends to get magic powers instead of learning magic with the Gods as the real Yen Sid did.

The Evil Yensid is a bit smaller than his real-world counterpart, wears a short purple coat instead of a blue one, and is a redhead. His skin is grey/grin (implying that Yensid is perhaps not entirely alive, and is more of an undead), has a much less friendly face and a shorter beard. 

Having long paid his debt to the Friends but remaingin loyal to them, he is their most powerful wastelander agent. He uses Scrapper Mickey (an alternate version of Mickey Mouse which is what he would have become if he had used the power of the thinner for evil purposes, allowing the bit of the Shadow Blot that he had unwillingly absorbed to take over his personality and turn him bad) as his apprentice. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Yensid has similar powers to Yen Sid, although given that they're a gift from the Friends they can only be used for evil purposes.


  • He is based on an actual abandoned concept for Yen Sid

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