The Extended Disney Comics​ World is an alternate continuity of the Classical Cartoons and Comics world in which other movies also took place.


This world is basically the Classical Cartoons and Comics world with other movies having happened in it, such as Snow White and the Seven DwarvesThe Sword in the Stone, Bambi and Dumbo. It's in this continuity that all the comic book crossover stories published from the 1940's to the 1970's are set in (such as the story in which the Phantom Blot was in love with Mad Madam Mim). These stories did not happened in the Classical Cartoons and Comics world. However, the reverse is true: everything that happened in the C.C.C. World also happened in this world. 

Alternate versionsEdit

There's also a bunch of alternate-continuities world which are intermediaries between this world and the C.C.C. World, such as ones in which only ONE of the other movies took place, while the others didn't. They have no individual page on this wiki, because we prefere to focus first on the main continuities. 

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