I feel myself slipping away. Now I realise that my time here is so short, and eternity is so long… At first i thought I had all the time in the world, and yet!… But after all, I am still that little imp that escaped the Sheol so many eons ago… My brother — that foul heart of his is hopeless, I don’t even think he is truly happy. But, oh, the irony of it! He will outlive me by far, precisely because of his evil… of his lack of remorse… he won’t hesitate a second to destroy and consume thousands of souls just to save his own, if he hasn’t done so already. While I am slowly sinking further into my golden throne, slowly fading, slowly dying… I poured my soul into my magic to keep him at bay, and I must now pay the cost. It is a strange and frightening thought, that in a few centuries, ‘I’ will be gone, ‘I’ won’t exist anymore. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.

But it is. And the world must be ready when that dreaded day comes. …It will be, I hope. I think Zeus will be a good leader for my ‘High Council of Heroes’. His power is strong and so is his heart. But he will need advisors in his quest. Maybe I could convince Master Yen Sid. Yen Sid… I wish I had enough time left to elucidate the riddle of this being… Alas, the answer is not mine to learn. He has told me that only one being in the History of Time would be worthy to know the profound secrets he hold, a man not yet born, by the name of Mickey Mouse. According to his Prophecy, this mouse shall have the power to defeat Chernabog, if he receives the proper training. It seems odd, but when has Master Yen Sid been wrong?… And I am so tired… Maybe there is some simple answer that my old eyes are not seeing… I am so old…

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