The Far Edge is a region of the Disney multiverse containing a few worlds.


The Far Edge of the Disney Universe contains Worlds the Friends and High Council seem to prefer to forget, most of the time because they don't find much potential in these worlds for goodness. Why ? Some worlds are very corrupted to begin with, and the presence of the Friends in this case would simply accelerate the process. The High Council consider them lost causes, and doesn't care about them that much. The reason why these worlds are so corrupted and hopeless is that they are geographically near the Other Side (and even edging on the broader Disney Megaverse), despite being placed in the Normal Side

However, this was a very foolish action from the High Council's part to keep these worlds watchless, as the Friends soon decided to take advantage of this to conquer these worlds and turn them into extensions of the Other Side, realms of pure darkness in which the Friends feel at home. This, sadly, already happened to the Wild world.

List of worldsEdit

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