Fear energy
Fear energy under the form of a "Scream of fright".



Main users

The Devils
The Revolted Monsters from Monsters Inc.


Creation of dark magic (by the Friends)
Creation of mechanical energy to make Monstropolis work (by the Monsters)

 The Fear Energy is a kind of energy found in the Disney multiverse.


Fear energy is created by a soul when (as its name suggests) it feels fear. Most of the time, this energy just gets lost, but some magical beings are able to use spells to collect this energy (mostly through the screamings of the scared people). The Friends try to collect as much fear energy as they can, as this energy is what sustains their magical powers. This is also, beyond pure naughtiness, one of the reasons why they torture souls they have locked up in their lair: to capture their fear energy. The Friends also sometimes give limited quantities of fear energy to their clients, like Queen Grimhilde,  who owned some fear energy under the form of a Scream of Fright, which she used for her transformation spell. 

The Monsters were once minions created by the Friends to capture fear energy for them. However, they revolted and fleed for another dimension, where they created Monstropolis, and started to collect fear energy for themselves until they found out a friendlier way to create magical energy. 

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