The angry Firebird.

Other Names

Fire Elemental
Hell Sun
Hand of Chernabog (formerly)


Fantasia 2000





 The Firebird is a god of the Disney multiverse.

Description and biographyEdit

The Firebird, like Chronos and the Titans, was born at the same time as the multiverse. Shapeless being, he was granted with all fire-related powers and usually takes the form of a huge amount of living lava. Constantly bringing about destruction, but also enlightment and passion, the Firebrid was mostly a neutral force that no one could exceed, except the Fates.

When the High Council and Chernabog began gather gathering forces to their sides in their first battle, the Firebird joined the Friends In The Other Side. This was less due to mutual philosophies and more because it felt threatened by the High Council, which had previously restricted it's freedom (see below). Powered by the very war that took place, the Firebird single-handedly caused the annihilation of entire realms and thousands of warriors on both sides, but ultimately the forces associated with water brought it down.

For an untold amount of time, it slumbered on a crater in a mountain still known as Phoenix Nest, assuming the form of an egg/eagle shaped rock. It awakened thanks to the curiosity of the Sprite, a nature spirit that was resurrecting the vegetation surrounding the mountain. The sudden awakening enraged the elder god, which laid waste to the forests sorrounding it's territory. Eventually, the Sprite resurrected the vegetation again, but the Firebird escaped.

Since then, the Firebird has remained uncharacteristically subtle. It reformed long gone cults worshipping it, the most notorious one occuring in Andalasia. Drawing from long held beliefs about the Sun, the Firebird created a golden drop enfused with it's essence, which landed on a flower, giving it a glowing golden light and the capacity to heal all ills, even old age and death. The witch Gothel quickly took notice of this, and horded the flower, enraging the Firebird. The Queen of the Kingdom once turned ill as she was about to give birth, and as time passed, it became clear that the flower would be the only thing in the world able to cure the Queeen. The Firebrd  took advantage of this event to ask the Fates to take the flower from Gothel, which they did, leading the witch to forget one day to cover the flower. The flower was found, the Queen gave birth, the flower's essence was passed to the princess Rapunzel. Being a spiritual daughter to the Firebird, she had the passion of her divine father. When Gothel took away Rapunzel, the Fates stopped him from intervening, but the Firebird was still responsible for Gothel's quick aging and death when Rapunzel's hair was cut (instead of just beginning to age again, which would have given her still some years of life). 

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