Gloom and Greed are a pair of artificially-created Emotions from the Riley world.

Description and biographyEdit

The Friends were very much interested in the Riley world where inside every human being's head reside incarnation of that being's emotions. They were upset, however, that the High Council (whose magic was responsible for this state of facts) used practically only positive or neutral emotions and left out more obviously malevolent ones such as Gloom and Greed. They waited for one particularly shaked head to come into their claws, and that head turned out to be that of the young Riley Anderson. The Inner Circle, using a similar kind of magic as the High Council, created two beings known as Gloom and Greed when she moved to San Francisco. Greed was tasked to corrupt Riley into a villain if possible; and if he couldn't manage that, he'd leave the work to Gloom, who would drive her to a quick, deep, heartbreaking depression.

However, Gloom and Greed, thanks to the High Council's care, were stuck in the subconsious with Nightmare Soldier Jangles the Clown, but were hidden much deeper than Jangles ever was. To re-access their two Emotions, the Friends had a plan: they would manipulate Anger, Fear, and Disgust into releasing them, hoping that the chaos caused by the release of Jangles would let the door open to Gloom and Greed. However, when Jangles and Bing Bong fell into the Subconscious Pit, the monstorus clown dragged Greed and Gloom with him, but Gloom was able to hack into subconsious pipes and wires and take over the control panel so he could collect the three neutral emotions. Joy and Sadness were able to arrive in time to dispel Gloom, leading to him dragging himself, Greed, and Jangles into the Wasteland. Gloom and Greed became roughly human-sized to match their new environment.

Greed currently commands the Nightmare Soldiers with Gloom as his right-hand man.

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