Gungnir in ice
Vital statistics
Type Spear
Effects Summon creature, stun
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Gungnir is a magic spear owned by Odin, father of Thor. It has the ability to return to it's owner after being thrown, like Mjolnir.

History Edit

The spear was said to be forged by dwarfs from sunlight as a gift for Odin. Others say that the spear was forged by the dwarfs for a contest arranged by Loki. Yet other stories claim that it came from another Asgard destroyed by Ragnarok. Regardless of whether these stories are true, Gungnir is used by Odin as a symbol of his power. Actually, Gungnir is forged with both sunlight and Uru metal. The spear somehow was hidden in Atlantis by the mercenary Paladin after a siege in Asgard so that its power would not be abused.

Years later, Erik Hellstrom, believing himself to be the Norse god Odin, stole Gungnir. When Milo, Kida, Audrey Ramirez, Vincenzo Santorini, Gaetan Moliére, and Obby track Hellstrom down in the frigid Nordic Mountains, he presumes Kida to be his long lost daughter and kidnaps her. His intentions are to end the world in Ragnarok. He creates a lava beast and then an ice beast to destroy the world, but well-placed explosives used by Vinny distract the monsters long enough for Kida to retrieve the spear and vanquish the beasts.

Having retrieved the spear, Kida realizes her father was wrong to hide the Crystal from mankind. She combines the Spear with the Heart Crystal and lifts Atlantis to the surface. In the end, we see Atlantis above the water for the first time in over nine-thousand years. From then on, their world was a better place, a shining beacon to all.

Later on, the spear is returned to Asgard and given back to Odin. The High Council hoped that Gungnir's power will never be abused again as long as it is with its old owner.

Powers and abilities Edit

Like Mjolnir, Gungnir can return back to its master after being thrown like a javelin. Initially, it had no power, only serving as a conduit for that of Odin. Later on, possibly due to upgrading, the spear has enough power to destroy buildings and to produce electricity.

Gallery Edit

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