Hellstrom (2)

Erik Hellstrom

Erik Hellstrom, also known as the fake Odin, was a client of the Devils in the world of Atlantis.

History and DescriptionEdit

Erik's deal with the Devils entailed untold riches so that he may build a massive shipping empire with cruise liners, as well as an ancient castle in Iceland which was said to be formerly resided by the Asgardian Royalty. Erik specifically chose that castle because he had been a lifetime worshiper of the ancient death goddess Hela Angrbodadottir, and wanted a domicile that best suited his ceremonies to bring about her eventual freedom from Niflheim.

Unfortunately, during the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the Devils took back his company as he hadn't paid off his debt with souls or the treasure he promised them, causing him to become poor and destitute. His fragile mind subsequently snapped after a choice encounter with Loki Laufeyson of Earth-199999 during his time-hopping missions for Thanos, during which the trickster god convinced Erik that he was in truth the reincarnation of Odin himself as part of an elaborate trick to have him cause Ragnarok and destroy the Atlantis world. After supplying him with a wolf and two crows loyal to his tricky will, Loki pointed Hellstrom in the direction of that world's version of Gungnir the Spear of Destiny, and told him of the plan he was to accomplish to bring this fallen world to its knees, though the trickster remained unaware of Hellstrom's true loyalty to Loki's omnicidal cousin.

After Hellstrom/Odin's plot to use two powerful Miscellaneous Friends in the form of Surtr and Ymir to bring about Ragnarok failed, resulting in the destruction of his palace, the Devils abandoned him to a mental hopsital due to him being worthless to their overall goals.