Embittered both by Thunder Mesa turning against him and his daughters plans to move away with her fiance, he struck a deal with the Masters of Darkness to create the earthquake. Though he died in the in the process, the game was only halfway done. In addition to paying the Friends with the damed souls of those who died in the earthquake,

he also decided to knock off Melanies unnamed fiance and then continued tourmenting his emotionally broken daughter for the rest of her days. Afterwards, he claimed the souls of visitors to the Phantom Manor and wayward residents of the numerous Haunted Mansions who somehow ended up there. This gained him a prominent position in commanding countless evil ghosts and ghouls among the friend's legions. He serves as a commanding officer to Ramsley and Constance, along with Captain Gore of the Wasteland (who was sealed in a tombstone to ensure he wouldn't make any more trouble). It is unknown how Atticus Thorn is related to him.

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