The Huntsman, not to be confused with Humbert.

A fanatical Knight Templar and Well-Intentioned Extremist who quickly became not so well-intentioned, the Friends didn't think he would make a good client. Rather, they chose to manipulate him indirectly, by pointing him to powerful artifacts and aiding him in his quest to destroy Jake, hoping that he would eliminate a major threat to them. Although he was unsuccessful, the Friends did collect his soul when he was destroyed following Rose's Heel Face Turn. They also vacated all their magical clients in Jake’s world during the Aztec Skull plot. If the Huntsclan had succeeded, they would have easily overrun that world with no real resistance. However, his anger and hatred for magical kind as well as intimidation impressed Chernabog, so the big C decided to free the Huntsman from torment, and permanently reformatted the villain into his season 1 design with the status as a Dark Master.

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