Angry Iago
Iago when he was subjected to Jafar

Real Name

Iago Carioca


C.C.C. world (formerly)
Aladdin world (currently)


Neutral (formerly)
Friends on the Other Side (formerly)
High Council of Heroes (currently)


Alive, working with the High Council

Iago, formerly known as Iago Carioca, is a parrot from the Classical Cartoons and Comics world currently living in the Aladdin world.

Description and biographyEdit

Iago was born in the C.C.C. world and is actually a distant relative of Jose Carioca who

A former minion of evil, he grew tired of his abuse, tired of his imprisonment with Jafar, and most of all, tired of having his avian freedom infringed upon. While his fear kept him under Jafar's fingers for quite some time, after his Heel-Face Turn, both Zeus and Aladdin saw fit to give him a second chance. Iago moved out of Agrabah after Aladdin's wedding, choosing instead to roost with Aladdin's father, Cassim. However, Zeus often calls on Iago for favors, since as an ex-minion, he makes for an even better spy than Dodger and crew, and a flawless translator for any animal without natural speech. The only restriction is that he's not allowed to go on treasure hunts with Jack Sparrow or Benjamin Gates out of safety and Greed concerns. Iago agreed, but only on the condition he gets treasure as payment with NO CRACKERS!

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