Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt

One of the few non-Sith clients of the Devils from the Star Wars universe, Jabba was a crime lord similar to Ursula. In his comparative youth, he wasn't that much of note for a crime lord, with him only known by the Friends for rooting for the cruel Selbulba, and choosing to help send Tusken Raiders to off Shimi. However, sometime during the Clone Wars, the Devils approached him with a deal: he sold off his soul to gain maximum power in the criminal underworld, at the cost of any mercy he had left. He would prey on the weak and unwary, leading to him gaining a vast court of followers in his sand palace. When a member displeased him, he would feed them to the Rancor, eat them himself, send a bounty hunter after them, dip them in the Sarlacc, or any number of other unpleasant deaths. Eventually, he made a pact with Han Solo, which proved to be his downfall, as Han had friends with the Rebellion, who came to save him. The Rebels also had their eyes on beautiful slave-girls Oola and Lyn me, and adorable pianist Max Rebo. But even though Oola was fed to the Rancor, the Hugh Council took her to Olympus where she can now dance wearing whatever she wants, and live the stardom she had wanted. Leia Organa strangled Jabba to death with his own slave chain as his Khetanna (granted to him by the Devils) was destroyed, and the Devils collected his soul along with those of most of his court. Max Rebo escaped and was saved by the Rebellion, while Lyn Me had also survived, but didn't forgive the Rebels for the "death" of her hero Boba Fett (who came back and ensured her happiness in the future). Now Jabba is a Dark Master in the commerce department.
  • Of Jabba's court, only two members also directly worked for the Devils: Bib Fortuna and Sy Snootles. Bib Fortuna preyed on Twi'leks and other oppressed species to sell them into slavery and certain death, while Sy Snootles was a fleet-footed, Devil-worshipping assassin. After Jabba's death, the Devils sent the B'omarr monks to collect Bib Fortuna's soul and abandoned Sy Snootles to leave her as a spice addict.
  • Ephant Mon was Jabba's medium to contact the Devils and Inner Circle.

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