Anubis Jackal

Jackal as Anubis

One of the few minions of Xanatos to actually be more evil and wicked than he is, Jackal originally was a member of the Pack, an independent group of villains working for the Machiavellian Schemer as henchmen. But during the World Tour Arc, the Friends suddenly noticed Jackal as a potential client due to his hatred and lust for power. When Xanatos began his Anubis scheme in Egypt, he Friends contacted Jackal, and told him that he could gain ultimate power by hijacking the power of Anubis for himself to become a god of death. Jackal went through with the plan, became a literal Jackal demon, and decided to go on a soul-collecting rampage before he was stopped by the combined forces of the Avalon Travelers and the Emir. Afterward, the Friends abandoned Jackal to his own devices from then on.

(To be reconstructed for future reference)

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