Julius the Cat
Julius the Cat
Julius the Cat running.

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Current home



High Council of Heroes


Alive, but retired in Wasteland.


Anthropomorphic cat

Julius the Cat is an anthropomorphic cat from the Disney Classical Cartoons World.

Description and biographyEdit

He is the first regular High Council mortal agent in the  Mickey Mouse/Disney Classical Cartoons World to still be alive to this day (save past incarnation of Mickey, Donald or Goofy). He was assigned to protect a young girl named Alice in which the High Council placed great hopes. The Friends did notice this schemen of course, and they riposted by sending Pete after Alice. Happily, Julius easily defeated the villain many times. Meanwhile, he also managed to trap the Friends' evil gorilla in the Mouseton zoo.

However, he became useless when Alice grew up and turned out not to be as heroic as the Council had expected. Julius asked for retirement, and they sent him to the newly created Wasteland. He is probably still living there, although he had not gave any sign of life since years. Rumors have him prisoner of the minions of the Shadow Blot, but this is unconfirmed.

Powers and ablitiesEdit

Julius's main power was his his intelligence. He was not a genius, but more of a "sharpie" who always defeated the big dumb villain with a trick. He could also rely on his physical strenght, and his Toon Physic abilities.

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