Kaa the Serpent
Kaa in his homeworld


The Jungle book


Friends on the Other Side


Alive, working with the Friends

Kaa is an anthropomorphic python from the Jungle Book world

Description and biographyEdit

His father was one of the old sages of the forest, polite and unhurried in his behavior, with the magnificent gifted ability of hypnotical powers since birth, which he used mostly as a show of power to keep the rebelling dissidents of the jungle in line. A weakened version of this power was passed to his young son, which is the reason why he already had small hypnotical powers even before turning evil.

He was also friends with Bagheera, Baloo and Shere Khan as a young snake. Like Shere Khan, his predatory instinct started to show when he grew up. The Devils then gave him enhanced hypnotic powers in exchange for the souls of whatever animals he ate. Kaa, in return, succeeded in paying his debt. He has tried to eat Mowgli numerous times when the Man Cub was still in the jungle and even after, but failed comically everytime, which led the Friends to put him on a hiatus on his career with them. However, when Jafar and other clients of the Devils took over the House of Mouse, Kaa thought that helping them would be a good way to come back into their graces and obtain more suitable posts, which is why he took so great a role in the battle.

Powers and abilities Edit

Kaa's main power is that he can hypnotizes his victims easily, which is a legacy from his father, later improved by the Friends. He can also, like any snake, constrict and swallow prey larger than him, and he is quite clever and scheming. 

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