King Candy

Because video game characters have predetermined roles as heroes/villains that are treated more like day-to-day jobs rather than actually being evil, neither the High Council nor the Friends could recruit any of the video game characters in Litwak's Arcade. That is until Turbo game jumped into Roadblasters and got both Turbo Time and Roadblasters put out of order for good, his extreme jealousy and need for attention grabbing the Friends' attention. In exchange for getting him out of Roadblasters and Turbo Time safely, the Konami Code and providing him with a disguise, Turbo was allowed to take over another game, resulting in him arriving in Sugar Rush and taking on the identity of King Candy. Seeing the sheer misery that King Candy forced upon former princess Vanellope von Schweetz pleased the Friends enough to let him remain in charge there, collecting the souls of the occasional video game character who died outside their game. Eventually getting bored with King Candy, they manipulated the Nicelander's hatred towards Wreck-it-Ralph in order to get Ralph to game jump, hopefully causing some chaos along the way. This eventually pays off when Ralph accidentally brings a Cy-bug from Hero's Duty into Sugar Rush, one of which gets fused with King Candy. Seeing that King Candy now has the power to take over all the games, the Friends' brief glimmer of hope for King Candy being useful again was snuffed when Ralph caused an eruption in Diet Cola Mountain, causing a beacon that wiped out both King Candy and the Cy-bugs for good. It's likely that due to his sheer sadism, he became a third class Agent.

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