Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine

Made a one-time deal with the Friends to bump off her new husband, thus giving her control of his fortune. While a small-time villain, Tremaine was of particular interest to the friends because they saw the potential to break Cinderella (another Princess of Heart), forcing her into a deal with them as well. They were foiled by the Fairy Godmother (A member of the Gods, see below), however. Tremaine is not a high-ranking client of the Friends, although they do keep tabs on her via one of their worshippers - Lucifer.

  • Though they did help her one more Cinderella III. Tremaine became a Instant Expert with the Fairy Godmother's wand because the Friends sensed the opportunity, both to get a client in power and permanently get rid of the Fairy Godmother. But she failed to do that as well. And then she had one last chance in Birth by Sleep, which she again blew. Thankfully, Chernabog decided to let Lady Tremaine have a position in the minor Inner Circle due to the darkness in her heart. She now serves as an executioner.

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