Limbo is the name of a specific 'ghost dimension'. Most worlds have their own Limbo.


Limbo is a 'ghost dimension' where souls that are unclaimed by either the High Council or the Friends, and do not have the willpower needed to manifest as full-blown ghosts, go after they die. There, the immaterial ghosts can see and hear the world around them, but are unable to affect it or be seen from those still living, unless they are sorcerers or mediums. Souls freed from Limbo can either manifest as ghosts that are now able to interact with the world around us, or eventually move on to either of the afterlives. Beings can also be trapped in limbo as a result of a specific curse.

Known residents of the various LimbosEdit

  • Ayam Aghoul (as a result from having paid off his debt to the Friends, but still not being quite virtuous enough to go to Mount Olympus)
  • The Yuuzhan Vong (due to the acquisition of Star Wars, were sent to a limbo between the Wasteland and the Megaverse gates)