The Liquidator

The Liquidator is a member of Negaduck's Fearsome Five, and an occasional mercenary in the Friends' payroll.


Before the fateful accident that created the Liquidator, Bud Flood was a highly successful businessman. His company, the Sparkling Crystal Pure Flood Bottling Company, led the bottled water market in the state of Calisota. However, Flood wanted something more–he wanted to be the only game in town; to that end, he fouled his competitors' water until the day that Darkwing Duck caught him souring the water of his last remaining rival, Koo Koo Fizzy Water, Inc.. When Darkwing confronted him, Flood stumbled over the railing above Koo Koo Fizzy Water's contaminated water and fell in, seemingly dissolving in it.

However, this was not the case; rather Bud Flood was reborn as...THE LIQUIDATOR! Though his initial plan to turn all of St. Canard's water hard failed thanks to an encounter with some concrete, The Liquidator escaped and would resurface with the Fearsome Five, including a temporarily successful takeover of St. Canard. Since then, he has drifted somewhat, taking odd jobs here and there from the underworld, but nothing like the glory days. Things could be turning around, though – ever since The Liquidator reached an...understanding with Magica DeSpell, the Friends' main woman in Toonville...

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