Madam Mim

Mad Madam Mim

Mad Madam Mim is a former client of the Devils, who has since gone on to become a Neutral party in the War.

History and DescriptionEdit

In her youth, Mim was once a promising apprentice to Master Yen Sid alongside Merlin, showing a great aptitude for shapeshifting into animals. However, her rather chaotic tendencies to cause mischief for the fun of it led Yen Sid to turn her away out of fear of what she might accomplish with full training in Light magic.

Left to her own devices in the Dark Forest of Camelot, Mim kept herself occupied by talking to herself and occasionally leaving the woods to prank the hapless peasants. But one day, an emissary of the Devils, Mephitsopheles, met with Mim while she was out fetching water, and offered her greater power with Dark Magic to cause as much chaos as she liked in exchange for serving their wishes and collecting souls. Mim, wanting to upgrade her magical arsenal since she had only learned basic magical training from Yen Sid, and wanting to show up her rival Merlin in more ways than one, agreed to the deal, proving herself a good candidate for allying with the Devils due to her interest in causing misery and havoc for the evil thrill of it all.

When Merlin began training the young King Arthur, Wart at the time, Mim immediately wanted to off him the moment he wandered into her cottage because she knew that the Devils would be pleased to know that someone who the High Council had high hopes for had been destroyed. Unluckily for her, Mim lost the ensuing Wizard's Duel and was bedridden for weeks with a chicken pox bug cast on her by Merlin. It was then the Devils simply abandoned her due to being little more than a nuisance to their plans. Since then, Mim has started to dissociate with their kind in favor of relearning the ways of Natural Magic to follow her own agenda in causing trouble for both sides of the war.

She is a frequent rival to Magica De Spell, and sometimes manipulates the Beagle Boys into doing her bidding by playing to their foolishness in not realizing she has quit the Devils' ranks to her advantage.