Mother Gothel Age Difference

Madame Gothel in both young and old forms

Mother Gothel is a Human Witch from the Bolt-Tangled-Frozen-Big Hero 6 world allied to the Friends as a lower-ranking Dark Master.

General InfoEdit

While not having any true powers, this ancient woman still had a degree of ruthlessness uncommon in mortals, which attracted the Friends. They sent her toward the golden flower and gave her instructions on how to use it in exchange for running a few jobs for them, mostly in manipulation and recruiting. Once the flowers were gone, they helped her into the castle to kidnap Rapunzel, giving her the tower and everything she needed to keep her complacent while still doing mission while away from her "daughter". While the friends declined to help her in death, she still runs missions for the Friends in scouting, recruiting, and especially in helping Lady Tremaine break and cripple the spirits of children.

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