Magic Golden Flower
Magical Golden Flower



Made by

The Firebird


Healing powers, Immortality


Looks beautiful


Vulnerable like normal plants

The magic Golden Flower is a magical plant found in the Tangled-Frozen world. It has healing powers that Madame Gothel once exploited for selfish purposes.

History Edit

The magical Golden Flower was said to be created from a drop of the Sun. Actually, it was created by the Firebird, who intended to revive a dead cult dedicated to worshiping it in Corona. It created a golden drop infused with the essence of the Sun, and dropped it on a flower giving it a glowing golden light and the capacity to heal all ills, even old age and death. The witch Gothel quickly took notice of this, and horded the flower, enraging the Firebird. Queen Barbara once turned ill as she was about to give birth, and as time passed, it became clear that the flower would be the only thing in the world able to cure the Queen. The Firebird took advantage of this event to ask the Fates to take the flower from Gothel, which they did, leading the witch to forget one day to cover the flower. The flower was found, Barbara gave birth, the flower's essence was passed to the princess Rapunzel. Being a spiritual daughter of the Firebird, she had the passion of her divine father.

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