Mephistopheles is a powerful (although relatively low-ranking) devil.

Description and biographyEdit

Mephistopheles mostly looks like a caricatured human being, and has no overtly devilish featurs like horns or claws, although he has the traditional crooked nose and goatee. Like his almost-namesake from the Marvel world, Mephistopheles specialized in making deals with desperate mortals, trading their souls for some futile good. 

Mephistopheles was also notably involved in starting a war during the C.C.C. world's Middle-Ages, between McDuckus County and Beagle County. This war raged on for decades, but, even though Mephistopheles used all his tricks to officially keep it going, most warriors had gotten tired and bored and no longer really fought, only doing what was strictly necessary to keep up appearances. This development, of course, did not please Mephistopheles, who cooked up a plan, by kidnapping Scroogus McDuckus's daughter Marguerite and framing the Beagle leader for it, hoping that this would motivate Scroogus to fight the Beagles more thoroughly. The only possible drawback was Professor Donaldus Faustus, a knowledgeable alchemist and agent of the High Council, who was working on an Elixir of Peace which would end the war. 

Mephistopheles tried to get rid of Pr. Donaldus by corrupting him (offering him his youth back in return of becoming a soldier -- and giving up his soul). Little did he know that Donaldus would use his newfound youth to actually bring a definitive end to the conflict, and also to discredit Mephistopheles in the eyes of Satan (who was still in charge of the forces of evil at that point). This spectacular failure led to Satan giving up on Mephisto and deciding to collect his soul.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mephistopheles had the ability to fly and to teleport. He was also apparently invulnerable to physical damage, although not to pain, for instance remaining whole and unscathed while plunged in a pit of lava. Much of his efficiency was due to his wits and smooth-talkingness, and to perform higher feats of magic, he had to rely on artifacts borrowed from Satan, such as a magic flute.

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