Mirage, Evil Incarnate

Mirage is one of the most successful of the many clients the Devils had in Agrabah. So much so that's she's being considered as a Dark Master now. She is an extremely powerful sorceress who casts wicked spells of Dark Magic so brutal that several other villains studied under her.

Background Edit

Initially, she used to be a cat gypsy from the Animal Kingdom. Ever since she was run out of town with her old friends, Foulfellow and Gideon, they went on separate ways to encounter the Friends differently. Mirage discovered the Friends in Agrabah, and made a deal for nigh supreme dark magic, which also lead to her getting an Egyptian style Evil Costume Switch. The Friends promptly dubbed Mirage, "Evil Incarnate". Needless to say, Maleficent called for plagiarism. At one point, she met up with the blind prophet, Phasir, although no one knows how it turned out. Mirage frequently battles against Aladdin, and usually loses. She does, however, gain a steady supply of souls for the Friends to collect elsewhere. That fiasco with Chaos, a minor Friend similar in personality to the Cheshire Cat, was an accident in her eyes. Mirage was also granted the ability to make deals with mortals and lesser clients by using a type of minor Friend, the El Katib, who had the power to teleport through shadows, created from children with true seeds of evil. Every seven years, during the three nights of the full moon, Mirage would send out the El Katib to find potential recruits, enticing them with the promise of power and immortality. Aladdin's friend Amal was one of the many to fall victim to the El Katib's offer, not realizing that the El Katib must return to the Shadow Realm before the moon sets on the third night, else they die.

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